T41 : High Brightness Reverse Lamp

* Some part numbers for this product ship without mounting hardware. Please be sure to add mounting hardware to the PO, if needed.

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  • Bright and durable reverse light
  • Fits all industry standard 4" applications
  • Lamp is certified for both, one or two backup lamp systems
  • TecSeal Urethane Potting - Guaranteed Circuit Board Protection
  • Excellent UV Resistance - Automotive exterior lighting grade polycarbonate
  • IP68 Rated - Dust and water proof with hermetic seal
  • Reliable performance over 50,000 hours
  • Mounts with standard grommets or our anti-theft stainless steel trim ring
    White –
    Ground, Black – Positive


LEDs: 1
Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
Current: 0.26A-0.34A White
Mounting: Fits standard 4" mounting holes
LED Colors: White
Mounting Styles:
Wire Colors:
White WireGround
Black WireReverse

  Part Numbers

Part NumberDescriptionLED – LensStdPackConnector
T40-0G00-14" Round Grommet   100-
T40-0G20-14" Round Grommet High Grip   100-
T40-0S00-14" Round Trim Ring SS   100-
T41-WC0A-14" Round 2x Reverse Lamp Grommet Amp   100Amp
T41-WC0B-14" Round 2X Reverse Lamp Grommet Bullet   1000.180" Bullets
T41-WC0P-14" Round 2x Reverse Lamp Grommet w/Pigtail   100Pigtail
T41-WC0T-14" Round 2x Reverse Lamp Grommet 3 Pole   100Tri Pole
T41-WCFA-14" Round Reverse Lamp Clear Lens Flange Mount Amp   100Amp
T41-WCFP-14" Round Reverse Lamp Clear Lens Flange Mount Pigtail   100Pigtail
T41-WCFT-14" Round Reverse Lamp Clear Lens Flange Mount 3 Pole   100Tri Pole
T99-0010-112" 3-Pole .156" Bullet w/#6 GND Lug - Straight   -Tri Pole
T99-0020-112" 3-Pole .156" Bullet w/#6 GND Lug - 90 degree   -Tri Pole
T99-0040-1Amp - Pigtail Wire Adapter   -Amp
T99-0050-1Amp - Tripole Adapter   -Amp - Tri Pole
T99-0060-1Y Style plug with 6" wires   -Tri Pole