E30 : High Performance Ceiling Light

  • Powerful 1050-2100 lumen output
  • Available with 21 or 42 LEDs that minimize bright spots and reduce shadows
  • Excellent replacement for fluorescent light fixtures
  • Red/white combination lamps are available for tactical vision applications
  • Moisture-resistant, vibration proof light design
  • NFPA and Triple K compliant
  • White powder coated finish
    Black –
    Ground, White – Low Intensity, Yellow – High Intensity, Red (red/white model) – Red LEDs
Dust and Waterproof. IP68 Rated.
Meets all FMVSS 108 requirements.
Reliable over 50,000 hours.

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  Product Description

TecNiq's E30 offers a unique and elegant design that includes top-end LEDs, urethane potting and military-grade circuit board material encased in extra thick polycarbonate that results in a tough, reliable lighting solution at an impressive price. When you include TecNiq's AccuColor technology for color balance, you have an unbeatable combination of high-performance and value.

  Product Specifications

LEDs: 21 or 42 + 16 Red (optional)
Lumens: 1050 Lumens (21 LED)
2100 Lumens (42 LED)
Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
Current: 0.7A-0.9A  (21 LED)
1.3A-1.9A  (42 LED)
+0.65A-0.90A  (Red)
Wire: 12" Pigtail
Mounting: Mounts using (4) #10 screws hidden by the lens
LED Colors: White • White/Red
Wire Colors:
WhiteLow Intensity
YellowHigh Intensity
Red (red/white model)Red LEDs

  Part Numbers

Part NumberDescriptionLED – LensStdPackConnector
E30-L000-1Recessed 4K White 42 LED Light 6"x17.5"   12Pigtail (12")
E30-L00M-1Recessed 4K White 42 LED Light 6"x17.5" w/Motion Detection   12Pigtail (12")
E30-L00R-1Recessed 4K White/Red 42/16 LED Light 6"x17.5"   12Pigtail (12")
E30-L010-1Recessed 4K White 21 LED Light 6"x17.5"   12Pigtail (12")
E30-L01R-1Recessed 4K White/Red 21/16 LED Light 6"x17.5"   12Pigtail (12")
E30-L0S0-1Recessed 4K White 42 LED Light 6"x17.5" Switched   12Pigtail (12")
E30-L0SR-1Recessed 4K White/Red 42/16 LED Light 6"x17.5" Switched   12Pigtail (12")
E30-L1S0-1Recessed 4K White 21 LED Light 6"x17.5" Switched   12Pigtail (12")
E30-L1SR-1Recessed 4K White/Red 21/16 LED Light 6"x17.5" Switched   12Pigtail (12")