T80: Eight-Function 8" LED Box Tail Light

The T80 is able to meet all requirements for stop, turn, tail, side marker, clearance marker, rear reflector, side reflector and license plate light in a revolutionary, cost-effective design. With a sonic-welded case and potted electronics, this light will survive the harshest environment. Unlike the competition, this lamp is actually submersible!

Although every manufacturer claims that their box light is waterproof, leakage is still the main complaint. We solved this problem by designing the light engine to be less than 0.6" thick. This allows us to guarantee a perfect, waterproof seal every time. And despite the T80's unique design, it still fits in the industry-standard spacing, and uses standard hardware. If you ever manage to break the lens and the light fills with water, rest assured that the potted circuitry guarantees it will still continue to work for years!

  • Multi-Function 8" low profile tail light
  • TecSeal Urethane Potting - Guaranteed Circuit Board Protection
  • IP68 Rated - Dust and water proof with hermetic seal
  • Durable impact resistant lens
  • Meets all FMVSS 108 requirements for narrow and wide vehicles
  • Reliable performance over 100,000 hours
  • Fits standard mounting as a direct replacement
  • Functions include : Stop • Turn • Tail • Clearance • Side marker • Side Reflector •
    Rear Reflector • License Plate Light (Left)
LEDs: 7 +1 white license plate light on left side
Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
Current: 0.14A-0.20A Left
0.06A-0.09A Right
+ 0.11A-0.15A Brake
9" pigtail
9" Pigtail w/ ground ring
LED Colors: Red
Mounting Styles: Uses (2) ΒΌ-20 carriage bolts
Wire Colors:
White WireGround
Brown WireLow Intensity
Green WireRight Turn/Brake
Yellow WireLeft Turn/Brake
    T80-RRLP-1 8 Function 8" Box Tail Light Left Side Pigtail  
    T80-RRRP-1 7 Function 8" Box Tail Light Right Side Pigtail  
    T80-RRLG-1 8 Function 8" Box Tail Light Left Side Pigtail w/ Ground Ring  
    T80-RRRG-1 7 Function 8" Box Tail Light Right Side Pigtail w/ Ground Ring