4" Oval Stop/Tail/Turn Lamps

World-leading lens technology combined with the highest quality matierals come together to make TecNiq’s Stop, Turn, Tail and Reverse lamps the best value on the market.

In every lamp TecNiq designs, we push the limits of efficiency because it means a brighter higher performance lamp which uses less of the expensive LED energy than the other guys. Today at half the current draw of any lamp we have tested, our Stop Tail Turn lamps are hands down the world leader in efficiency for a production stop lamp.

By combining that huge cost advantage with the finest LED’s, top quality materials, and decades of design experience in harsh environment lighting, TecNiq has created what we think is by far the best value LED Stop Tail Turn and reverse lamps on the market.

T40: 4" Round Stop-Turn-Tail

Incorporating our world-leading optics, the Model T40 is constructed from rugged automotive-grade materials and the latest generation LEDs. Backed by our remarkable lifetime warranty, this tail lamp is designed to provide your customers with a lifetime of trouble-free service and quality.

T45: 4" Hi Visibility Round Stop/Tail/Turn/Reverse

T46: 4" Hi Visibility Round Stop/Tail/Turn