Surface Mounted Sidemarkers/Clearance Lighting

TecNiq clearance lamps incorporate the highest quality automotive plastics, urethane potting material, metals, circuit board materials throughout. Brighter LED’s, more rugged materials, creative, efficient next generation designs make these products leaders in quality, performance and cost.

S14: Stud Mounted Sidemarker

S15: PC Clearance Side Marker Lighting

Producing a full 180 degrees of brilliant light, the S150 exceeds FMVSS standards and provides 100,000 hours of trouble-free performance.

S17: PC/P2 Rated Side Marker

Sleek and stylish, these surface mounted PC rated sidemarkers look great anywhere. Completely waterproof and easy to install, at home on a boat trailer or Emergency vehicle.

S18: PC/P2 Rated Side Marker

These marker lights provide a combination of great design, ease of installation, and long term durability. This new product line is available in red, amber, and clear lens styles.

S19: PC Rated 1x4 Side Marker

Ultra-efficient lenses, combined with our unique materials and next generation LEDs, make this PC rated lamp ideal for those who demand world-class performance at an exceptional price.

S21: Heavy Duty Oval Marker Lamp

An elegant design, incorporating high-end LEDs and circuit board material, sealed in extra-thick polycarbonate produces a tough and reliable lighting solution at an exceptional price.

S22: PC Rated Side Marker

The unique design of this industry-standard marker lamp results in improved price and reliability. The world-leading efficiency of our optics, combined with superior LED technology provides incredible performance and value.

S36: PC Rated Side Marker

Originally designed to slip into the top rail of a semi-trailer, this style light now wears many hats throughout the industry. This lamp employs our latest high-efficiency lens technology and dual LED design to meet the PC rating.

S38: Surface Mounted PC Rated Miniature Side Marker