K90: High-output surface-mount LED scene lighting

Designed for maximum output, TecNiq lamps use top-performing LEDs, electronics, aluminum construction and lens technology to provide exceptional visibility over an industry-leading angular output range. With standard mounting patterns, the K series can be used in new vehicles or to replace existing lights. Designed and assembled in the USA with low electrical noise, submersible electronics, an excellent price, and a lifetime warranty, TecNiq scene lamps are the new leaders in LED emergency scene lighting.

This scene light delivers stunning performance in a low-profile, surface mount design. TecNiq’s design and technology enables all of our K series scene lights to exceed the NFPA/KKK near vehicle illumination requirements by several times while providing the long-range visibility your customers demand.

  • Light beam from horizontal to the base of the vehicle ensures continual ground coverage
  • 5000K LEDs provide natural color balance
  • Can be purchased as Flasher/Scene Light combination
  • IP68 Rated for long-term dust and water-intrusion proof
  • Meets all NFPA 1901 and Triple K specifications, including upcoming regulations
  • Powerful TecNiq scene lighting fits standard mounting holes for easy upgrade
LEDs: 18
Voltage: 9 - 30V DC
Current: 2.9A-3.5A
Lumens: 5000 Source Lumens
9" pigtail
Mounting: Surface mount using just (4) screws (included)
LED Colors: White
Angle: 0° to 90° and +/- 45° along vehicle
Wire Colors:
Red Wire12V DC Power
Black WireGround
Yellow WireLow Intensity(Night Mode)
  • K90: High-output surface-mount LED scene lighting
    K90-AS00-1 K90 AutoSync Amber Flasher White Scene Clear Lens  
    K90-BS00-1 K90 AutoSync Blue Flasher White Scene Clear Lens  
    K90-RS00-1 K90 AutoSync Red Scene Flasher Lamp Clear Lens  
    K90-STS0-1 K90 Steady Red STT Bottom Scene Clear Lens  
    K90-SW00-1 K90 High Output Scene Light  
    K90-0100-1 K90 Anchor/Screw Kit
    K90-1B00-1 K90 Black Trim and Gasket Kit
    K90-1C00-1 K90 Chrome Trim and Gasket Kit