E20 Orion Lights: Surface-mount LED dome light

This lamp provides impressive brightness and unsurpassed value. In addition to our other unique design technologies, this lamp incorporates a fully-potted circuit board to prevent corrosion in saltwater or extreme environments.

The Orion light is designed tough enough for heavy duty truck lighting and yet is stylish enough for high-end interiors. It incorporates the latest in LED technology, high-quality superior materials and efficient light diffusion to create one of the highest Lumens per Watt LED lighting products on the market. Combine that performance with an easily installed surface mount design, polyurethane sealed electronics and cost effective construction and you have a sure winner.

Perfect for trucks, trailers, boats, RV's, homes, livestock trailers, or anywhere functional and powerful area lighting is needed.

  • Ultra thin surface mount light
  • Easy installation with two screws hidden under lens
  • High performance - 750 Lumens
  • Moisture resistant
  • Available in bright or satin finished light body
  • Night Vision – red/white LED combination also available
LEDs: 6 + 6 red (optional)
Lumens: 750
Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
Current: 0.48A-0.59A  white
+0.32A-0.44A  red (optional)
+0.55A-0.74A  blue (optional)
Wire: 9"
Mounting: Mounts using (2) #8 or #10 flat-head screws hidden by the lens
LED Colors: White • White/Red • White/Blue
  • E20: Orion Lights Chrome Trim
    E20-LC00-1 6" Interior Light Neutral White - Chrome Trim Ring  
    E20-LC0R-1 6" Interior Light Neutral White/Red - Chrome Trim Ring  
    E20-MC00-1 6" Interior Light Warm White - Chrome Trim Ring  
    E20-WC00-1 6" Interior Light White - Chrome Trim Ring  
    E20-WC0R-1 6" Interior Light White/Red Combo - Chrome Trim Ring  
    E20-WCB0-1 6" Interior Light White/Blue Combo - Chrome Trim Ring  
    E20: Orion Lights Satin Trim
    E20-LA00-1 6" Interior Light Neutral White - Satin Trim Ring  
    E20-LA0R-1 6" Interior Light Neutral White/Red - Satin Trim Ring  
    E20-MA00-1 6" Interior Light Warm White - Satin Trim Ring  
    E20-MA03-1 6" Interior Light Warm White Tri-Level Intensity - Satin Trim Ring  
    E20-MA0R-1 6" Interior Light Warm White/Red Combo - Satin Trim Ring