Specialty Area Lighting

Our LED accent and area lighting products incorporate the industry’s top-performing LEDs and materials, and the highest-efficiency optical designs. The result is an LED product line that provides our customers the best possible performance and value.

D21 Link-Lights: Compact Powerful LED Rub Rail/Accent Lighting

We packed four powerful LEDs in the smallest package possible. It outperforms the competition in both light output and price. Choose from several LED colors and exterior finishes.

D30 Load Ramp Light

E39 Fluorescent Kit
E05: Surface Mount Area Light

E10: Ground/Pump Panel Light

Because of its extra-wide output and rugged construction, this has quickly become the “Swiss Army Knife” of the lighting industry. Using TecNiq's proprietary urethane potting compound this light is sealed to handle the most extreme environments. (Shown with separate mounting bracket)

E92: Underwater Area Light

E39 Fluorescent Kit
E60: Flush Mount Docking Light

E39 Fluorescent Kit
E61: Surface Mount Docking Light

E96: Trailer/Marine LED Surface Mount Spotlight

Designed for extreme environments, this high-brightness spot and flood lamp projects the maim beam of light just 30 degrees off of the mounting surface. A secondary, lower-intensity light emits a rectangular flood pattern over a wide angle. Even more unique is its true surface mount construction.

M10: All Round Navigation Light

E39 Fluorescent Kit
M50: Water Dragon Underwater Lighting

E39 Fluorescent Kit
M90: Livewell Light

P10: Flush Mount Spreader Light

P11: Surface Mount Spreader Light