Our Products

TecNiq offers a growing array of products ranging from home automotive and marine fixtures to indoor and environmental lighting, as well as custom configurations designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. If you are unable to find a particular solution here, we invite you to contact our sales team to conduct a deeper search that reaches beyond our substantial offering of off-the-shelf items.

Area & accent lighting

Our LED accent and area lighting products incorporate the industry’s top-performing LEDs and materials, and the highest-efficiency optical designs.

Stop/Tail/Turn lighting

Top quality LED’s, plastics, metals and circuit boards combined with world-leading optics and manufacturing makes high brightness TecNiq lamps second to none.

Sidemarker & clearance lighting

These ultra bright lights use the latest LED’s and highest quality materials to bring our customers the highest brightness lamps at a great value.

License plate lighting

Incorporating our new ultra-efficient lens designs, our L-series license lamps provide bright, even illumination, while incorporating the best materials to create a tough, bright lighting solution.

Emergency lighting

Combining our ultra efficient lens design with our patented AutoSync technology, TecNiq's emergency flashers never go out of sync without any extra wiring.